As a residential and commercial cleaning services provider, Heavenly Touch cleaning services required a better web presence to attract potential customers and increase their sales. Infinitycs helped pave the way to establish a great user experience with clear communication on their services to help meet our client’s goal.

Client     :
National Combined Services
Cleaning Industry
Melbourne VIC
Website Development, SEO,Social Media Marketing,Logo Design

Addressing the client’s challenges and pain points

As one of the many service providers in the same area of expertise in Melbourne, a breakthrough web presence was quintessential for Heavenly Touch. With our dedicated team working relentlessly to build the perfect prototype that checked every box in Heavenly Touch cleaning services’ expectations, Infinitycs received the green light.


After a thorough quality check and several walkthroughs with the client, Infinitycs was able to launch the website with the most essential information bringing more visibility and generating more traffic to the website with several marketing strategies.

Upon the launch of the website, the existing customers, as well as potential customers, had a better and clearer understanding of the services, the company, and the contact information of Heavenly Touch.