Infinitycs wanted to elevate the web presence of National Combined Services and build an effective partnership to implement and develop a meticulous, innovative website that can give a clear understanding of their services and operations. Infinitycs has helped pave the way for National Combined Services to attract customers and close sales via its website.

National Combined Services Pty Ltd
Cleaning Industry
Melbourne VIC
Website Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing

Addressing the client’s challenges and pain points

We wanted to give a solution that addresses the National Combined Services’ market challenges and pain points and gives them a competitive advantage with their web presence. We developed a sitemap that laid out the client’s requirements for each milestone, and from there, we started building their website.


We built several prototypes until we could grasp NCS’s requirement to the fullest, and then implemented the website with the latest trends of UI/UX, and gave special attention to a seamless, minimal outlook that can direct their customers to each section with zero hassle.

Our continuous enhancements to the website keep in line with upcoming market trends and ensure a high-quality user experience. Infinitycs is working relentlessly to improve the website in terms of UI, content, and generating traffic.

Social Media

National Combined Services needed a social arm to take their services to potential customers. With the help of the dedicated social media team at Infinitycs, NCS has successfully implemented their social channels and receive inquiries and feedback every day.